Tilapia Facts

Tilapias are fascinating fish that are surrounded by many fascinating facts. They have played an important historical role and continue to play an important role in our society today. I will try to present some of the most interesting anecdotes about this fish group below.

Tilapia Fact: There exist over 100 species of true Tilapia as well as number of hybrids.

Tilapia Fact: All Tilapia originates in Africa but can today be found in many waters around the world as the result of voluntary release and fish escaping from farms. Tilapias are threats against the eco systems in some areas. They are as an example prohibited in Florida. The prohibition is based on the fact that these fish have been proved to fast established large population in the waters of florida.

Tilapia Fact: Tilapia fish are often called “St. Peter’s fish” due to the fact that the fish that peter caught and that carried a shekel coin in its mouth described in Matthew 17:24-­27 was a Tilapia.

Tilapia Fact: Tilapia fish played a very important role in Taiwan after World War 2. Many people would have died if the fish hadn’t been available as a food source. The fish didn’t only help the people survive but also played an important role in Taiwan becoming the rich and industrial island it is today. They are known as poor-man’s fish in Taiwan today. There is hope that Tilapias can serve as protein sources and help many other poor areas in the same way it helped Taiwan.

Tilapia Fact: Tilapias are often sold under other names such as perch and whitefish to make it appear more exclusive than it is.

Tilapia Fact: The fish that are available in food stores are almost always hybrids that are breed because of their higher growth rate.