Feeding Tilapia

Tilapia species are easy to feed and will accept most food sources. They will thrive and breed on most diets and can without problems be kept on nothing but pellets. It is however as always beneficial to offer them a more varied diet.

tilapia feeding frenzy

Avoid feeding your tilapia to fat food like pork since this will harm the fish and may cause sterility and even death. This is true for most other fishes as well. Other meats that are less fatty like beef are more suitable food and can be given to your fish on occasions. You should however never let the main part or even a large part of the food you feed your fish to be meat. This is due to the fact that meat contains different proteins and nutrients than your fish needs.

Suitable food for Tilapias includes:

Pellets and cichlid sticks: Tilapia does very well on a diet of pellets and pellets are a good basis for their diet. Try to use a pellet that contains Spirulina powder and other greens.

Vegetables: It is good to provide them with some vegetables in their diet. Suitable vegetables include lettuce and peas. They also like to eat some aquatic plants and especially some floating plants.

Frozen food: Tilapias love frozen food and can eat large amounts of it. It can be expensive to buy frozen food in fish stores. You can however find much cheaper suitable frozen food in the supermarket. Frozen shrimps without shells can for example be bought in large packets much cheaper than the fish store counterpart and is just as good for feeding your tilapia with.

would like to recommend you to experiment with different food for your tilapias and I grantee that you will find cheap foods that your tilapias loves and thrives on